Unfortunately, the resurgence of the COVID-19 virus has meant that we are rescheduling the Luncheon previously planned for September 10 to spring 2022. Please contact us at 813.253.7114 with questions. We look forward to letting you know our new date soon!

2020 Honorees

Judith Chambers Lillian Lenhoff*
Gregory Comnes Bob Leonard
Barbara Goldstein Karen Linsky
Altamese Hamilton* Maribeth Mobley
Susan Hoerbelt Angelo Perez*
Linda Horton Linda Prescott
Rod Hurle Mike Rabaut
Sherry Kersey Dale Thompson
Beverly Ketcham Jack Wauch

2021 Honorees

Michael Reichard Rosario Urso*
William Underwood Matthew Werhner

*Honored Posthumously

About the HCC Professor Emeritus Program

The status and title of Emeritus are not entitlements; rather they are conferred by the Board upon certain faculty by Hillsborough Community College for the purpose of recognizing a faculty member after retirement for distinguished and long-term achievements and service.

The criteria for this title are measured in terms of the individual’s total contribution to the College, based upon both achievement and service. Any faculty member, with the rank of Professor, retiring after at least fifteen years of full-time service may be recommended to the College President for Emeritus status.

Candidates for the Emeritus status must meet these criteria:

• be held in high esteem by students and colleagues;

• have received evaluations recognizing effectiveness throughout his/her tenure;

• participated actively in departmental and institution-wide committees over a substantial period of time; and

• judged to have contributed to the strengthening and/or advancement of the educational programs of Hillsborough Community College.