As we move into the future of HCC Nursing with the recent start of our BSN program, we also look back at our history and honor those who forged the path we walk. HCC’s longtime administrative offices on Davis Islands were recently sold to Tampa General Hospital, an important step for TGH as they carry out their strategic plan and continue to serve our community. This land is also part of the legacy of HCC Nursing, as the site of the nursing program that existed in partnership with the Gordon Keller Hospital, the precursors to TGH and to HCC Nursing.

A monument commemorating the partnership, dedicated in 1951, will be preserved by TGH as a vital part of the hospital’s history and remain in place at the Davis Islands site. But we also plan to recreate parts of the monument for HCC in the form of a piece of art that includes a timeline of the evolution of HCC Nursing. The piece will be installed in our Patel Allied Health Building, upstairs by the nursing labs, so that future nurses can learn about the program’s history, and be inspired by those who came before. We need community and alumni support to make sure this incredible legacy lives on for many, many future generations of students. Please lend your support by making a give in any amount using the form below.