The Julia B. Williams Award

This prestigious award is named after Mrs. Julia B. Williams, former HCC Trustee and driving force behind the creation of the HCC Foundation in the 1970s. The award is given to an individual who has displayed outstanding leadership, service, and dedication toward the advancement and support of The Hillsborough Community College Foundation. The award is only given when an individual is identified who is truly deserving, and is not given annually.

Recipients of the Julia B. Williams award:

  • 2021: Josette Bulnes
  • 2020: Gary J. Vien
  • 2019: Ann E. Allen
  • 2011: Barbara Larson
  • 2009: Dr. Gwendolyn Stephenson & Brett Lafferty
  • 2008: Susan Casper
  • 2007: Martha Kaye Koehler
  • 2006: Chuck Peterson
  • 2005: Dr. John Sinnott & Dan Carbone
  • 2004: Dick Fee
  • 1988: Art Wiggins