“Planned giving provides a turbo charge in the future to the endowment my wife and I establish now.”

— Dr. Paul Nagy, special assistant to the president for strategic planning and analysis

Support HCC’s Mission Today and Tomorrow.

Often called a legacy gift, a planned gift allows you to make a deep and lasting difference while qualifying for tax savings and other advantages that may actually increase the value of your estate for your heirs. Planned giving takes many forms, including bequests, living trusts, and life insurance.

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The HCC Foundation’s Tax ID Number is 59-1810717.

The 1968 Legacy Society

Integrity, innovation, service, and student success are essential to our character at HCC. Donors who share those values and who want to assure that they continue to be part of the HCC story far into the future can make a planned gift to the College and join The 1968 Legacy Society.

Bequests from a will or trust are the most common way to leave a planned gift to the HCC Foundation, but any of the following will qualify a person, couple, or family for membership in The 1968 Legacy Society:

·         Make a bequest from a will

·         Make a bequest from a trust

·         After providing for your family, leave a percentage of your estate or assets to the Foundation

·         Make the Foundation the owner and/or beneficiary of a 401K or IRA plan

·         Make the Foundation the owner and/or beneficiary of a life insurance policy

·         Establish a Charitable Gift Annuity or Remainder Trust and name the Foundation as a beneficiary

To learn more about how you can be a part of The 1968 Legacy Society or to let us know that you have remembered HCC in your will or other vehicle, contact the HCC Foundation at 813.253.7165 or by email.

The material presented is not offered as legal or tax advice. Please consult your financial advisor or qualified attorney for more information.

A planned gift costs you nothing today but can make a great impact on your community in the future.