“Donors are like my family whispering in my ear, ‘Don’t give up. You can do it. Have courage—you’re almost there.’”

— Ken, scholarship recipient


Improve Lives by Donating to HCC Foundation Scholarships .

Through generous donor support, the HCC Foundation has awarded nearly $8 million in scholarship assistance to more than 7,500 students since 2000. Yet this meets less than one third of our students’ needs.

Contribute to Student Success.

Scholarships can be life-changing. We invite you to help HCC students succeed by making a gift to support scholarships. You can even designate the kind of student you would like to help. Examples include those who are the first in their families to attend college or those enrolled in certain programs.

Endowed Scholarships

If you want to make a permanent, high-level commitment to helping students, consider an endowed scholarship named for you or in honor of a person or organization. With endowed scholarship funds, the principal is invested with a percentage of the earnings used to provide student scholarships. The required minimum investment to fund an endowed scholarship is $10,000 donated as a one-time gift or pledged over four years.

Annual Scholarships

With an annual investment, a scholarship can be established in your name or in honor of another person or organization. A named scholarship will be awarded annually as long as you make yearly gifts to fund it.

Endowed and annual scholarship donors may establish specific criteria and guidelines to help the HCC Foundation select deserving scholarship recipients.


Contact Garrett Weddle, Executive Director at the HCC Foundation, by email, or contact him at 813.253.7014 to learn how to fund a scholarship.

For every dollar invested in an HCC student's education, that student receives $6.10 in higher future earnings over the course of his or her career.