“My goal is to become a neonatal nurse practitioner and work to help save infants’ lives and provide exceptional care.”

— Morgan, HCC nursing student, scholarship recipient

Higher Education Builds Better Communities.

When you give to the HCC Foundation, you give to your community. Whether your gift funds student scholarships, strengthens programs, enhances facilities or addresses other needs—every dollar donated to the HCC Foundation is a commitment to a better future for the citizens of Tampa Bay.

On average, community college students earn significantly more over their lifetimes than individuals who do not go to community college. Many studies have shown higher earnings for community college awards (Belfield & Bailey, 2011).

Based on large-scale studies from six states, the average student who completes an associate degree at a community college will earn $5,400 more each working year than a student who drops out of community college. This estimate adjusts for factors such as the subject studied, college attended, and college GPA (Bailey & Belfield, 2015).

Community colleges build better communities by creating students who contribute. Contact the Foundation to learn more.