Imagine HCC’s Impact.

Consider the nurse who tends to your loved one recovering from surgery. The technician who keeps your car running as good as new. Or the EMT who saves lives every day without hesitation.

Think about the faculty member who helps foster a student’s passion for science and encourages her to aim for medical school. The student government association president who develops leadership skills for life. Or the Hope Scholar who discovers opportunities he never thought possible.

Community colleges are unique places. They fill a wide variety of needs for their students and communities, and contribute to their regions in endless, though sometimes overlooked ways. At HCC, this is no different.  More than 20% of HCC’s students annually are changing the trajectory of their family’s story by being the first generation to attend college. HCC is majority-minority, and is overwhelmingly female.

HCC people make our community—and our world—better places. Click on any of the headings to the left to learn more about how HCC and the Foundation make an impact on Tampa Bay.