“At HCC, I found direction and inspiration to pursue a pharmacy career.”

— Dr. Beatrice Adams, 2007 Graduate, TGH Critical Care Pharmacist, PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Director and Coordinator of Residency Programs

Like many high school graduates, I lacked clear direction, so I chose HCC as an affordable way to get motivated and reengage in school. I began with a few classes, then was inspired to get more involved. Being at HCC, with smaller class sizes, enabled me to get the most out of my classes, and to form relationships with my professors, who encouraged me to network and get involved in organizations. Early on, I discovered that I wanted to pursue a career in pharmacy, and organizations such as HPPO (Health Pre-Professional Organization) provided opportunities to engage in community and health projects which became instrumental in my path to pharmacy school. One instructor in particular, Professor McCullough, was not only a great teacher, but a life coach who inspired me to take on the presidency of HPPO. This was the first step toward many leadership positions and to forming lasting relationships with peers. Upon graduating from HCC, I transferred to USF and then went on to complete my PharmD at LECOM School of Pharmacy. Today I’m one of the critical care pharmacists at TGH, and am also the PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Director and Coordinator of Residency Programs. HCC gave me the time I need to focus on my career goals and prepared me well for the rigors of the PharmD program at LECOM School of Pharmacy.