"The interactions I had with HCC staff provided me with confidence in my continued efforts to pursue law studies at the graduate level."

— Fatima Iyer, 2017 HCC grad, AA Liberal Arts, AS Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies

I enrolled in HCC as a dual enrolled student just after I completed my freshman year of high school at Strawberry Crest in 2014. I earned my A.A. degree in liberal arts and sciences and my A.S. degree in criminology and criminal justice studies. I also received my homeland security certificate, criminal justice technology specialist, and victim advocacy certification.

HCC most certainly set my life on a different trajectory and changed it. I was able to take legal and criminal studies classes simultaneously at HCC and in high school. The HCC class added to the interest I had in criminal studies in my 9th Grade class. The HCC instructors provided a depth to the subject matter that made what I was learning in my 9th grade class complete. This enriched knowledge gave me confidence about my ability to learn more to complement and complete my legal studies. And on top of this enhanced learning experience, my first two years of college were basically free since I was a dual enrolled. There are definite benefits of attending HCC where small classroom size provides and contributes to a dense learning experience and meaningful interactions between the student and the academic staff.

After graduating from HCC, I attended UCF and earned my bachelor’s degree in legal studies. I am currently attending UCF for my master’s in criminal justice. I plan to continue my studies and obtain my Jurisprudence Doctorate (JD) so that I can work and gain experience in law and realize my goal of becoming a judge to serve the general public to preserve law and order that ensures a good life for all. My ultimate dream is to be the first East Indian to sit on the Supreme Court. Stay tuned.....!