"HCC did more than open doors for me, it opened my mind, and taught me that there is no limit."

— Jason Hendricks, HCC 2019 Grad, Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

High school was tough for me, and once I graduated I enlisted into the military. The military showed me perseverance and discipline, but I knew life had something else in store for me, and I began my journey into entrepreneurship.

Before attending HCC, I opened a non-profit, a staffing company, and a subscription box service, but none of these were working out for me. However, everything seemed to come together when I received a scholarship from HCC to attend their entrepreneurship program, InLab@HCC. I attended several colleges before HCC and, if I had to do it all over again, I wish I attended HCC first. I loved the small class sizes, the personalized attention from my professors and the friendships I made.

Every day at HCC was a different experience, but Professors Andy Gold and Beth Kerly made those experiences into memories that will last a lifetime. These two professors embedded the “DO IT NOW” principle into my life. The “DO IT NOW” principle is designed for immediate action - times when you know you need to do something but you don’t feel like doing it. This way of thinking, shifted my entire life.

InLab@HCC was the impetus for my business ForgotorKnot, https://forgotorknot.com/. A few years ago, I noticed I was dropping the ball when it came to getting gifts and remembering all my 11 brothers and sisters’ birthdays. I needed someone that I could text to run errands and bring gifts to my family and friends. I simply didn’t have enough time in the day until I started ForgotorKnot, and now I enjoy helping so many people remember and make their loved one’s special day.

HCC led me in my career goals by helping me find my passion, it also gave me skills that I apply to my life and not just my business. HCC did more than open doors for me, it opened my mind, and taught me that there is no limit. I can be whatever it is that I want to be in life, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.