I was a piano student under Dr. Patricia Trice while at HCC and she awarded me a music scholarship. This was very helpful because after graduation I went to the University of Colorado and finance out-of-state tuition to receive by Bachelors. As you know, that was expensive but the HCC music scholarship was a great help financially for my first two years of college.

My daughter is attending HCC now and will graduate on May 3rd. Being a single parent with no financial help, we were not sure how we were going to pay for school. She too was awarded grants and scholarships from the HCC Foundation which put us in a position to finance very little for her classes. The HCC help she received these last two years will be very instrumentation in her future since she plans to attend Rasmussen in July.

HCC Foundation is a wonderful program provided to the students. It brings a huge relief and great pride in a student's self-esteem to receive such an award. I wish I could help everyone in their financial need to go to college because having a degree is so instrumental in the working world. In addition, and more importantly, a degree provides the feeling of accomplishment and ignites the drive to continue to succeed in life.