What is FUSE?

Guaranteed admission to USF

FUSE is a student success initiative between the University of South Florida System and Hillsborough Community College, St. Petersburg College, College of Central Florida, Pasco-Hernando State College, Polk State College, Santa Fe College, South Florida State College, and State College of Florida. FUSE provides seamless, accelerated pathways, called “GradPaths,” to promote timely attainment of both an Associate’s degree from a regional Florida College System institution like HCC and a subsequent Bachelor’s degree from a USF System institution. HCC has recently been credited for the success of the GradPath strategy as a best practice in Florida College Access Network’s brief reviewing state-wide efforts to develop “targeted transfer pathways” for students to complete the baccalaureate degree and enter the workforce. Click here to read more.

Students who meet the criteria of the program will be identified, co-advised, and tracked as FUSE students and will be guaranteed admission into their selected degree program within a USF System institution upon the successful completion of an Associate’s degree from the regional FCS institution. FUSE students will also be eligible to participate in many university athletic events and activities from the beginning of their time in the FUSE program, engaging with both the college and university communities from the start of their college career.

The FUSE Scholarship

Developed under the umbrella of the LEAP College Access Network by Hillsborough Community College, the University of South Florida, and the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, in collaboration with our funding partners USAB Foundation and Helios Education Foundation, this scholarship incentivizes students with demonstrated need to reach timely completion on their GradPath.

Upon earning initial eligibility for the scholarship, students receive scholarship allocations each semester that they follow the GradPath and accumulate credits toward a degree.  Each eligible student can receive up to a total of $5,500 in FUSE Scholarship awards as they progress successfully in their program.

Would you like to join the donors to FUSE and double your impact on a student with a 2:1 match? Contact Lee Lowry by email by clicking here or call 813.253.7671.