While growing up in a one-room apartment in my grandmother’s place in Bangladesh, moving to the United States two years ago, getting my GED, and starting my life at Hillsborough Community College, I have always felt that HCC had a lot of opportunities for me. As a student at Hillsborough Community College, I have learned about myself and my strengths, and realized the value of a college education.

By being the first person in my family to have the opportunity to attend college, I recognize the value of a good college education. Both of my parents had to work hard to get me where I am now and motivate me to accomplish what I have done so far.

Students like us are grateful to have the opportunity to receive a college education at Hillsborough Community College and are always thinking about how to give back. If it were not for people like our parents, who sacrifice so much to give us a chance, we would not have the same opportunities as we have them now.

When it comes to academic strengths, students like us work twice as hard with twice as many obstacles–obstacles for which we have to find solutions by ourselves. Students, like myself, have to bring our work ethic every day. I believe I am persistent and active in my schoolwork, just like my peers. Since I was raised in Bangladesh, my writing English skills are not where I would like them to be. Hence, I am always working on my grammar and rhetoric to be more confident in my writing abilities. I constantly think of ways to keep my grades up and succeed in my schoolwork. My writing skills are so much better; I am able to write this letter today.

Students juggle many things among school, jobs, relationships, and social life, all while serving the community passionately. This day and age will not be kind to us if we do not work a little harder and push them in the right direction, especially kids who work hard and continuously prove themselves every single day.