2019-2020 Resources for Excellence Award Recipients

Open Educational Resources (OER) – Kristin Heathcock and Ilene Frank

The libraries will house a collection of printed OER textbooks and resources for faculty to review and to possibly see them as a viable option when making textbook selections. This is one tool that can be used to address the need of textbook affordability.

Urban Ethnography – Simone Maddanu, Deborah Barr and Rebecca Todd

Fieldwork on public bus users in Tampa, analysis of row data using a text-analysis/qualitative software and GIS will contribute to students’ curricula and be a practical introduction to qualitative methods in social sciences. Students will observe and explore practices and performances of individuals and groups.

Team Building Skills – Suzanne Schneer, Ralph Proemm, Christian Ross and Logan Harry

Provide team building materials for use by auto services, auto collision, diesel, and welding students as part of the employment skills curriculum. Addresses the increasing demand for well-rounded employees in these industries.

Picnic Benches – Molly Coufal and Natalie Powell

Provide needed outdoor seating at the Plant City campus for students, faculty and visitors to provide areas for rest, conversation and study. Two of the tables will be ADA compliant.

Student T-shirt business – Beth Kerly

Provide the necessary equipment to begin a self-sustaining, student-run business offering opportunities for students from a variety of programs to work in collaboration to design, produce and sell t-shirts for a variety of college purposes.

Collaboration Station – Micki Baker and Sally Egger

Interlocking, collaborative white-board tables will be provided for the Math and Writing student study room. Tables can be configured for individual, peer or group study, allowing for increased peer-to-peer learning and novel learning activities using the write-on whiteboard tabletops.

Linguistic risks – Crystal Bonano, Susan Brown

“Linguistic risk” will offer EAP students multiple opportunities outside of the classroom to apply what they are learning in the classroom. It will encourage them to go outside of their comfort zones and become more active members of the HCC community by requiring them to socialize for the purpose of improving their oral communication skills.

TKI assessment—Danielle Clark

“TKI assessment” will generate a unique, individual, comprehensive, easy to use report, which helps students discover their conflict style. It will be incorporated in the Business classes.

Shadow Health—Jennifer Reyes, Laura Lewicki, Sheila Hajari, Sandra Coleman

“Shadow Health” is a virtual simulation experience that can be used to supplement clinical experiences for students pursuing nursing. The virtual simulation can have a positive impact on student’s success and learning.

Lab Equipment –Rebecca Page

Replace older chemistry lab equipment to provide students exposure to newer technology, funding from this grant will provide equipment more in keeping with modern laborites and handling of data.

ERS – Tripat Kaur, Kim Novatko

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate is a test used to identify inflammation in patients. A new instrument that students will encounter in the real world will replace the current instrument for measurement of ESR, no longer used by hospitals.

2018 – 2019 Resources For Excellence Award Recipients

Pocket Guides — Mechel Albano & Karen Dufraine

“Pocket Guides” will provide vital information such as the detailed steps to writing a research paper and information regarding research skills necessary for student success. The guide also encourages the use of services provided by the college that could greatly benefit students such as the Library Resource Center and the Academic Success Center.

Hotspots — Kristen Heathcock & Roxanna Palmer

Many students do not have internet access at home and must do all online work at another location. Funds will be used to provide wireless internet service and hotspot devices that students can borrow from the library so they may be able to do school work at home or other places at any time.

Graphing Calculators — Diane Kelly & Karen Dufraine

Funds will be used for TI-84 Calculators that will be available to students who are unable to purchase one. They are highly necessary for Elementary Statistic students to learn about technology in the classroom.

Scientific Calculators — Gina Oviedo-Martinez & James Kakoullis

The funding to provide these calculators will help math and science students at Dale Mabry Campus who cannot afford to purchase one themselves.

Beekeeping — Paul Rabaut

The Ybor Campus will house an urban beekeeping habitat that will produce honey, hive tours, and an unforgettable experience for students to interact with the environment.

Assistive Technology — Megan Wiedman & David Worley

Funding will directly impact students with disabilities at SouthShore Campus by providing assistive technology in their Academic Success Center.

Non-Native English Speaker Mentoring — Yadira Altiery Irizarry & Debarati Ghosh

First year students who are non-native English speakers at the Brandon Campus will receive one-on-one mentoring. Students will be helped to transition smoothly into college life with activities and materials that focus on non-cognitive skills.

Ziess Coordinate Measuring Machine — Alex Anzalone & Shirley Dobbins

Funding will repair the donated Ziess Coordinate Measuring Machine, which is a robotic measuring tool used by the Engineering Technology Program for reverse engineering and dimensional inspection.  There is need by local employers for those experienced with this technology.

Art Exhibition — Carolyn Kossar

Supplies the funds necessary to exhibit a well-known Florida photographer, Clyde Butcher. The Exhibition “Cuba: The Natural Beauty, A Photographic Expedition” will feature the beautiful landscape of Cuba during Hispanic Heritage month.

Calculators — Andrew Magrath, Debarati Ghosh & Nadine Kim

Currently the calculator loaning services at Brandon Campus has a need for calculators that meet the mathematics department’s use policy. This funding will provide additional scientific calculators for the STEM center’s loan program.

Tactile Library — Bryan Shuler

Students respond positively to tactile experiences that coincide with the material being covered in their classes. The Tactile Library will provide access for teachers to check out and use in the classrooms authentic and replica artifacts of cultural and historical significance.

Molecular Modeling Kits — Dr. Amanda Tiano

It is important that students in chemistry can draw connections between 2D Lewis structures on paper and the 3D compounds they illustrate. By providing these Molecular Modeling Kits, students will get a hands on understanding of these three dimensional structures.

2017 – 2018 Resources For Excellence Award Recipients

Guided Undergraduate Research – Bruce Bondurant

Enhancement of guided undergraduate research in topics of organic chemistry and biochemistry to improve students’ abilities to perform chemical research and improve critical thinking.

Graphing Calculators – Kristin Heathcock

TI-84 calculators are essential for upper-level math courses.  The project will fund the purchase of 20 TI-84 graphing calculators for checkout from the Brandon Campus Learning Resource Center for students who cannot afford to purchase one.

Simulation Lab – Mary Larson

Funds critical technology training to ensure the day-to-day functionality of Health Sciences Simulation Labs to ensure overall satisfaction of simulation experiences by students and staff.

Irrigation, Butterfly Garden – Paul Rabaut

This project will fund an irrigation system for the existing butterfly garden and additional plants.

Writing Skills Software – Melissa Steinhardt

Too many students arrive at HCC with insufficiently developed writing skills.  This project funds a pilot program for a web-based writing instruction tool that provides remediation and individualized instruction through immediate, formative feedback.

Beautification – Andrea Vicente

Funds the purchase of Florida-friendly and easy to maintain plants and flowers plus planters to beautify the central courtyard of the Ybor City campus.

Mathematics Learning Spaces – Mechel Albano

Supplies to establish mathematics learning spaces at the PC Academic Success Center to support learning by enhancing active learning and by encouraging impromptu cooperative learning groups.

Brandon Campus Clothes Closet fixtures – Davidka McCaskill

Funding for the Brandon campus Clothes Closet (SOAR store) to purchase fixtures to store and display clothing, shoes and accessories as well as to provide personal hygiene products not obtained via donations.

Dental Clinic – Bailey Peckenpaugh

Appointment reminder software for the Dale Mabry campus Dental Clinic freeing up student time spent calling and confirming appointments.

Biological Science Labs – Lisa Smith

Start-up materials for a 2-semeter curriculum redesign of Biological Science I and II laboratories, partnering with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s SEA-PHAGES program to provide students the opportunity for discovery-driven scientific research.

Nursing Workstations – Pollijo Stiefvater

Purchase of 4 Workstations on Wheels. These WOWs will provide a realistic simulation of patient healthcare visits and documentation in an electronic health record in an ergonomic manner.

2016 – 2017 Resources For Excellence Award Recipients

Early Alert Notification – Nicole Hamilton

The purchase of padfolios for Plant City campus faculty will be used in a project to develop a closer relationship between faculty and the Student Services staff in development of an early alert notification system to support students, especially those who are struggling academically and/or personally.

Food Forest – Greg Thompson

Using innovative and efficient growing techniques, the Brandon Food Forest will educate and engage students, provide organic local fresh food, create a space for enjoyment by the HCC Community and provide collaborations beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Native Plant Teaching Garden – Denise Bristol

Using Florida friendly principles for design, a native plant teaching garden will teach landscaping techniques that help the environment and expand the biodiversity of plant species at the SouthShore campus, a LEED certified gold campus.

Vet Tech Service Learning – Carrie Jo Anderson

The project will integrate community service with education and teach civic responsibility. Students will provide service to several community organizations involved with animals (service animals, horseback riding for handicapped individuals, and awareness of animal health and emergencies).

Autism/ASD Support – Nicole Bargeron, Brandon Student Services Coordinator and Tara Forrest, Student Success Coach

Program to assist students with Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorders to participate in workshops and activities to support the success and inclusion of these students and improve retention and graduation rates.

English Proficiency pilot courses – Ginger Clark and Karen Griffin, with Mary Bendickson, Ryan Buckthorpe, Marie Francoise Hutchison and Barbara Smith-Palinkas

A pilot program to offer two non-credit foundation courses at ICCE to students with low scores on the Levels of English Proficiency test. These students have historically low levels of success in Level 1 EAP coursework.  If successful, would become self-funding.

Respiratory Care Program enhancement – Charles Gutierrez, Respiratory Care Program Instructor and Gina Ricard, Program Director

Purchase of medical equipment (a Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Monitor) that will enable sophomore students in the program to develop important skills and the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in an actual clinical environment at the Tampa VA Hospital.

EAP Small-Group Conversations – Barbara Smith-Palinkas, Dale Mabry EAP Instructor/Program Manager and Franciose Hutchison, LaTosha Williams and Vanessa Rosengrant

Purchase materials to enhance small-group conversations with EAP students and a tutor in the Academic Success Center in order to improve EAP students’ conversational skills and confidence and improve speaking skills outside the classroom.

Paralegal Test Prep – Tom Tankersley, Ybor Faculty, Paralegal and Mark Sandag, Paralegal Program Manager

Creates a free test prep program for HCC paralegal students who wish to take the NALA Certified Paralegal Exam.  Non-HCC students can take the exam which will generate revenue to make the program self-sustaining going forward.

Sustainability project – Zoë Vercelli, Ybor Interim Academic Success Center Coordinator, Chuck Holmes, Jennifer Smith and Paul Rabaut

An effort by the Ybor Academic Success Center to become a model Zero Waste Department by 2018.  Will create a highly visual and functional display to educate students and faculty/staff on issues of waste, diverting trash from landfills, and compositing.

Guided Undergraduate Research – John Whitlock, DM Biology faculty, Jennifer Bess and David Wingfield

Purchase of equipment for Guided Undergraduate Research.  Provides HCC students the opportunity to participate in real scientific research while mastering useful laboratory skills, giving them a competitive edge when moving on to future academic and professional programs.