The HCC Foundation seeks to meet growing demand for HCC’s curriculum and programs as well as continuing our proud tradition of changing lives by inviting the entire community to participate in HCC Rising: Together We Lift Our Community, our funding campaign in honor of the College’s 50th Anniversary. Donors can support any of the College’s exciting programs or curricula as part of this campaign, from our entrepreneurship programs to FUSE program scholarships to support of workforce programs like welding, diesel mechanics, law enforcement, firefighting, and EMT. The HCC Rising campaign’s main priorities will be offering naming rights in our new healthcare programs building and garnering donations to significantly increase our endowment fund.

HCC serves more than 45,000 students annually, and is the seventh largest in the state in student population. HCC has an annual economic impact of more than $1B. And since 84% of our alumni remain in the Tampa Bay area, HCC and its diverse graduates create the foundation of our community and enhance the character of our cities. A gift to HCC Rising is a gift that will make a difference to Tampa Bay each year for HCC’s next 50 years.

Contact Lee Lowry at or at (813) 253-7671 for more information about HCC Rising.