Welcome to the webpage for our new Retiree Association! We created the Association so that retired faculty and staff could reconnect with each other and with HCC. We appreciate your years of service to our students, and we believe you are still an important part of the life of the College!

We have created a new private Facebook group for the Retiree Association so you can connect with each other and with HCC! Check it out here, there are tons of pictures and more. We hope you will share your news and we will share what’s going on at HCC, as well as sharing events planned for the Association.

Stay tuned for our upcoming spring 2023 events. We will have a VIP reception for a new exciting play at our Ybor Performing Arts center, and our spring Retiree Luncheon is also on tap!

With the Association, we will gather our retirees to socialize at events, keep them up to date on the college’s progress, and let them know what their fellow retirees are up to. There is no fee to be part of the Association. To make sure you are on our mailing list or if you want to help, contact Denise Godfrey at 813.253.7165 or dgodfrey3@hccfl.edu! You can also update your information by clicking here and filling out our online form.